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At RED we have a dedicated Head of Research and Development, Andy Almey.

Andy is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and is able to offer all of our team coaching, mentoring and lead continuous improvement projects to make sure that RED are getting better all the time.

What does this mean in reality?

  • All the processes used by RED must be sustainably improved.
  • Where problems within existing processes exist, we work closely with those who are closest to the problem.         These are the ones most likely to be able to help fix it!
  • We cut out all the waste to get to the simplest solution.
  • We make things better for our customers and the bottom line.


One of the best examples of the Continuous Improvement process has been how we utilise the Field View digital QA system.

Firstly, applying the principles of Lean Six Sigma, we ensured that the internal processes were correct before we began to implement the digital innovation using Field View.

We took time to fully process-map the on-site operations. It was important that this wasn’t done with high level management or office-based employees, but this was with done with the site teams who would ultimately be using the software. This allowed us to fully optimise our use of Field View.

As part of our Field View development we introduced a process of applying QR codes to each window to improved the accuracy of recording quality issues on-site, this meant that we were able to reduce the amount of time it takes to record these by over 50%!

Quality reporting is now live across all our sites and we are able to easily identify recurring issues and address these as a priority.

One example is a recurring issue of beads being scratched on-site, however, with the optimised process and reporting in place we have implemented improvements and reduced scratched beads by over 70% and thereby accelerated our installation time and reduced our wastage by approx. £6k per month. This saving was able to be taken into consideration for new tenders to keep our prices keen for our customers as give RED a competitive advantage.

As a result of the Continuous Improvement work done with Field View we have been asked to visit other businesses using the same software and provide expert support.

We are also pleased to offer the 1 day course as outlined below to our all customers. Contact Andy Almey for further details e: m: 07900 891430



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