We share the sentiments of many that these are indeed very strange and uncertain times at the moment. We salute the work of the healthcare professionals and other key workers that are putting themselves on the line for us. For those that can work from home, it is a protection (despite the social isolation we may be experiencing).

For a lot of our staff at RED, working from home is nothing new. In fact, when we reviewed our homeworking procedures earlier this year, we realised that over 40% of our employees regularly worked from home for at least 1 day each week. RED’s innovative approach actively encourages our team to work from home if they have the circumstances and facilities to do so. Therefore, even before “lockdown” entered our vocabulary, many of our employees were already dab hands at working from home. They already had their facilities set up, they were used to communicating via video, and they had the mental discipline to work effectively.

One of our regular homeworkers is our Head of Sales & Estimating – Jonathan Nash. So, we thought we would ask him a couple of questions to see if he can share any tips he’s gained over the years…


So Jon, how long have you been homeworking for?

Well I’ve been at RED since 2015 and I’ve regularly worked from home during that time. Normally I work 2 or 3 days from home, plus I’m usually on the road meeting clients and suppliers, so often I’ll only get into the head office once a week. In fact, the opportunity of homeworking was a key reason that I chose to accept the job in the first place as I live quite a distance from the office. The extra time I save in commuting is invaluable to be able to spend with my family and do things outside of work.


What homeworking tips could you share to help others?

Firstly, I would always suggest getting into a routine with your work – start on time, plan out your work for the day, and always take your lunch break! You need to be able to switch off for a little bit or you become overly stressed. If the weather’s nice, then get out into the garden with your lunch – the fresh air helps to clear your head, ready to focus again for the afternoon.

Secondly, you need to get your mindset right, so get into a frame of mind that you’re going to be working. You really need to get out of bed in plenty of time, shower and dress as you would if you were going into the office (you can dress a bit more informally, but pyjamas or dressing gown is a no no!). Get some breakfast and a hot drink, catch up on the news or your social media. Once you’ve done all that – it’s time to start.

Thirdly, make sure you speak to people regularly. If you need assistance with a work project, pick up the phone or use your video conferencing facility to keep in touch with your colleagues. At RED we always recommend using video as the main way to talk to each other – actually seeing people seems far more stimulating for the mind.

Lastly, I would suggest that you need to work in a place where you can minimise distractions – difficult at the moment during this lockdown because you may have kids at home that aren’t normally, you may have others in the house also trying to work. It can be difficult – but try and set some guidelines that you can all work to. Maybe have somewhere quiet that you can go to take calls or video chats.


We would like to thank Jonathan for these tips, which we hope will prove useful to yourself and others.

Jonathan and the rest of the Sales & Estimating team remain ready to assist on any upcoming projects – if you have a new enquiry or would like to discuss a technical query then please feel free to get in touch. Our office number (which will take you through to our various departments) is 0845 345 8772 and our contact email address is – we looking to speaking to you soon.


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