Achilles auditors have completed their yearly 2-day audit and we are very proud to announce that RED Systems passed the vigorous audit procedure to confirm that our processes are all fit for purpose and recognising our advanced membership.

The Achilles audit process is a detailed review of our Management Controls and takes into account:

·        Legislation Compliance

·        Quality Management

·        Training

·        Social & Ethical Behaviour

·        Sustainability

·        Supply Chain Management


Chris Morris (Operations Manager) commented:

“This is a great achievement by the team, it backs up all the hard work we have been doing over the past year with our quality standards and continuous improvement to stay at the top of our game. On behalf of the Senior Leadership Team at RED, I would like to commend everyone for the way they have demonstrated their commitment to implementing our policies and procedures over the last 12 months and keeping us at the forefront of industry standards.”

“This result resonates well with our new mission statement ‘We Create Lifetime Customers Through Service Delivery Excellence’ to ensure that our existing and potential customers can have genuine confidence in selecting RED as their sub-contractor of choice.”

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