RED Systems Celebrate National Living Wage Week As Fully Accredited Business


It’s Living Wage Week this week and we are delighted to announce that RED Systems are now a fully accredited Living Wage employer.

We believe that all of our team deserve to be rewarded fairly for their hard work and commitment and deserve to earn enough to be able to afford a decent standard of living.

Investing in our team is at the top of our agenda. From our broad range of educational and professional development opportunities, to extra paid days holiday and a range of enhanced well-being initiatives; growing our own and rewarding them fairly is at the heart of all we do.


How Does It Work?

The real Living Wage is independently calculated each year based on what employees and their families need to live on. It operates on a voluntary basis and applies to all workers over the age of 18.

The current UK Living Wage is £8.45 an hour and in London it is £9.75 an hour.

The real Living Wage differs from the standard “minimum wage” as outlined by the Government. The real Living Wage rates are higher because they are based on the actual cost of living rather than the government minimum.


It’s good for Business

By paying the real Living Wage employers are voluntarily taking a stand to ensure their employees can earn a wage that is enough to live on.

Many employers report wider business benefits as a result of investments in staff pay, including less staff absenteeism, enhanced quality of work and significant improvements in recruitment and retention within organisations.


It’s good for individuals

For staff who are paid the real Living Wage it means the difference between just getting the government minimum and earning enough to afford the things you need to live, such as a decent meal, a warm home and a birthday treat for your children or partner.

Full-time employees earning the real Living Wage earn £45 a week more than those on the government minimum, and £95 a week more in London.


RED Systems Managing Director Michael Green said: “We are delighted to be part of the Living Wage Scheme. The welfare of our team is at the heart of all we do, so both morally and socially this was an easy decision for us. We are convinced that investing in our people produces better results for our company and the clients we work with.”


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