The amount of innovation going on at the moment within the aluminium industry is very refreshing. 2 of RED’s core values are Innovation and Sustainability, so this seminar really struck a chord with a lot of the work going on within the business right now.

The Council for Alumnium in Building (CAB) Launched a pilot scheme for Closed Loop Recycling Scheme at the beginning of the year. So it was really interesting to see the developments within the scheme and also to look at how the A|U|F aluminium window, door and façade recycling scheme is  running in Germany – there were certainly lessons we could draw from that both from the Closed Loop scheme and Secondary Recycling. We also had a fascinating insight about how recycling is done within the automotive sector and ways in which this could be replicated within the façade sector.

Expect further news soon on how RED will be implementing some of these ideas to benefit our projects and clients.

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