Project: On-Site Quality


For November’s Project of the Month we are pleased to highlight the development of our continuous improvement journey by simplifying and monitoring how quality is measured on-site using the Field View digital QA System.

Ensuring internal processes are correct before any digital innovation is essential, which is why RED have taken the time to process-map on-site operations with site teams and optimise our use of the Field View. This has resulted in RED visiting other businesses using Field View and providing expert support.

As part of our Field View development we have introduced a process of applying QR codes to each window to improve the accuracy of recording quality issues on-site, whilst reducing the amount of time it takes to record these by over 50%!

Quality reporting is now live on every job and we are able to easily identify recurring issues and address these as a priority.

One example is a recurring issue of beads being scratched on-site, however, with the optimised process and reporting in place we have implemented improvements and reduced scratched beads by over 70% and thereby accelerated our installation time and reduced our wastage by approx. £6k per month.


Process Mapping Field View:process map.jpg


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