For our ‘Project of the Month’ this time, rather than discussing one of our live schemes, we will focus on our recent internal project to meet with and make arrangements to see all our Key Clients to discuss our Continuous Improvement programme.

The feedback so far has been fantastic, and a number of our clients have commented on how impressed they are with the work we are doing around Continuous Improvement through our Research & Development team. Just one comment we received – “We were all very impressed with some of the initiatives you are supporting to drive waste from your business and certainly these are differentiators”.

To give you a flavour of what we are doing, the discussions have centred on answering these questions: What have we implemented so far? What are we planning on doing? What benefits have we seen? How do these benefits affect project costs and efficiencies for our clients?

In addition to the conversations we’ve been having, we have now rolled out our Continuous Improvement Training Programme for all our Key Clients. If we haven’t already spoken to you about this great opportunity, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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