(Image: Stockport Grammar School)

RED are pleased to have secured a new project at Stockport Grammar School.

Partnering with Redbridge Interiors, we will be providing a series of modular rooflights on a new extension to the school.

Velux Modular Skylights were the perfect solution for this project to provide slim sightlines (uniform regardless of whether the modules are openable or fixed lights). The system will allow plenty of daylight and fresh air into the school – making a perfect learning environment for the students.

Velux Commercial were able to offer a flexible approach to the requirements during our client negotiations to enable the design to be adapted to suit the project nuances. No two projects are ever the same, so it’s important that despite the skylight system being of a modular construction there is flexibility in the detailing to ensure a project specific solution can be provided.

RED always recommend using modular rooflight systems to ensure they will stand the test of time without future issues. We would be pleased to discuss how we can provide a modular solution for current projects or future requirements. Contact us.

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